It can be difficult to recruit the right candidates for the right job. The professinal selection might not be so complicated, as the direct qualifications will often times be apparent from the candicate’s education and experience. But personal resources are a lot more difficult. The soft issues are not easily measured, and measurements will often be very subjective; “he was wearing a nice tie”, “she seemed to have a positive spirit”, “he was creative, “she was social”. How does one visualize the candidate’s match with the requirements and wants for a personality that is also to be in line with the company values?

Based on Pari Profile System™ *) which are built on the assumption: “People’s basic personality can encompass certain traits that can be categorized into certain types. However, in everyday life, people are unique individuals and RMP can help visualize each candidate’s individual personality and resources.

In its basic profiles, PARI Profile System contains an individual description of more than 1.3 million different combination possibilities.

Recruiting Match Pro is easy, fast and efficient

Job Database Here, all jobs for which employees/managers are to be recruited are specified.
The job is specified based on profession/job type and the qualifications required and wanted.
- Plus the wishes for the candidate’s personal skills and resource requirements (go to PARI Profile System)
Candidate Database The questionnaire is sent to the candidates online, and is saved in the database upon completion. It includes professional qualifications as well as personal skills and resources.
Look for the right candidate Following the matching of the candidates with the requirements and wants for the job, a match percentage for each candidate will appear. It is then possible to choose on which of the candidates’ results you want a report printed.

The system can operate in different languages, allowing for the candidate to fill out the questionnaire in a language that can then be matched with the requirements and wants for the job in another language.

Recruiting Match Pro is available online, which means that

*) PARI Profile System™ is a system that describes people. The system reveals how the participant perceives him/herself, how others perceive the participant and perhaps the most interesting, where the differences and similarities lie, and thus what roles the participant plays in the game of life. The system contains profile descriptions of: Personality, behaviour, roles, intuition, communication, coaching and resource profiles. PARI Profile System has been on the market since 1994. For more information, go to the product PARI Profile System at “Front page PARI Profile”.