PARI Human Resource Tools™

Human Resource Tools

PARI Human Resource Tools are a set of tools for tomorrow's leaders, for whom the relationships with their staff is important in the way they lead and who understands and maximises each employee's human values and resources. It is creating as strong future for the company.

The time and efficiency are important within business and means that human factors are not always given enough space or time. Therefore it is necessary to use tools that are easy, fast, efficient and reliable to raise awareness and to develop employees and managers.

PARI HR Tools is a set of tools that can accomplish this.
From an interoperability profile of the employee (his / her opinion about themselves) and their manager’s perception of the employee, the PARI products provide a platform that can help to promote understanding and make the employee's resources and strengths more visible.


Staff Resource Pro™ is the third person who can promote mutual understanding of "soft values".
In the appraisal interview experience says that it can be very difficult to talk about the employee's human values, resources and strengths, perhaps because he/she feels feels that this is outside the remit of an assessment interview.

Using SRP the appraisal interview be a conversation / dialogue based on the mutual perception / experience of the resources and strengths of the employee has and how they can best be used in everyday work.

An interview with two winners

A whole purpose of an Appraisal interview is to identify and maximise an employee's hidden resources.

Staff Resource Pro is easy and user-friendly
A manager only needs to check his requirements of each employee within 5 personality traits – then email a link to the employee for them to complete a profile - the two profiles compared and a comparison report is produce which can be printed and refered to during the appraisal.

Staff Resource Pro Report
The report is 7 pages and includes a clear graphical overview and a description of the employee's perception of themselves compared with the position’s requirements as well as suggestions for what can be talked about in order to promote development.

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