Recruiting Match Pro™

Recruiting Match Pro™

RMP identifies the "soft values" and the hidden resources of candidates. The major challenge when employing new staff is often to choose someone who best fits into the company's values on the human level.

RMP provides a mechanism that removes this challenge. Through a process of comparing requirements and values against each candidate profile RMP identifies which candidate is best suited to the job demands and requirements.

Recruiting Match Pro is a recruitment system that matches the right employee for the right job. - A system for greater safety and efficiency in the recruitment of staff / managers.

The recruitment system consists of two databases, which together describe the job profile from both professional and caring perspectives and identifies the candidates that compare well with the requirements. The report provides a profile with a graphical presentation and description for each of the applicant's match against the job profile.

Recruiting Match Pro™ is Easy, Quick, Highly Effective and Reliable

Recruiting Match Pro ™ is quick and easy to use
RMP is an integrated system where everything is done through the Internet, it's easy and fast to work with and the results are available instantly.

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