The foundation of Recruiting Match Pro is the unique PARI Profile Systems that can match and visualize two profiles against each other and describe the match within 8 defined aspects of the individual’s personality.

The analysis is based on 80 questions that are answered by the candidate, after which the following will be apparent from the profile.

The structure of the personality whether the person is spontaneous or careful.
The personality’s form of expression whether the person is fearless or more adaptive.
Approach to surroundings whether the person socially compassionate or more of a loner.
Attitude towards surroundings whether the person is firm or accepts everything.
Capability of rational and decisive action whether the person is rationally hard-working or irresponsible.
Method of action whether the person acts based on logic or emotions.
Level of flexibility whether the person has high or low flexibility.
Level of flexibility in stress situations how the person’s level of flexibility is in stress situations.

Math graphic

Grafisk opstilling af pasningsgrad The jobs wishes/demands Candidates profile

A comparison of the candidate’s answers and the specification of the job requirements and wants will be included in the report.


Here you can see the overall match of the importance of basic skills. The candidate has set this based on his choice of trade and job type.
Grafisk opstilling af pasningsgrad The jobs wishes/demands Candidates profile