The system is made up of two basic analyses: By merging these two profiles, a Role profile is created. The role profile reveals where the differences and similarities lie, and thus what roles the person in question plays in the game of life. As stated by the famous nuclear physicist, Niels Bohr:

“The tricky thing about life is;
while we are the actors in the act of life, we are also the spectators”

PARI Profile System is based on a questionnaire that contains 80 questions. This graphic reveals where on the scale the participant is found, from five different perspectives.

There are two measurements within each area:
Basic personality the personality structure and its form of expression
Relationship to surroundings measured on approach to and attitude towards surroundings
Action patterns measured on capability of decisive action and the action method
Reaction patterns measures the extent to which the participant reacts by protecting or blaming him/herself
Felxibility measured on normal flexibility and flexibility in stress situations