Human beings encompass many different traits and are difficult describe from only one perspective. Who we are and our starting point for perception and actions is rooted in individual reasons. That is about as far as psychologists agree; when it comes to interpreting each individual’s reasons, psychologists argue.

PARI Profile Systems™ is based on the assumption that: “People’s basic personality can encompass certain traits that can be categorized by certain types. But, if people are to become more aware of themselves and discover new aspects and possibilities, it is necessary to take individualism into account, which is why they cannot be described only via types. Therefore, PARI basic profiles are individual descriptions with more than 1.3 million combination options.

The basic profiles take starting point in the participant’s:
Personality the participant’s own perception of his/her personality
Behaviour others’ perception of the participant’s personality
Role differences between own perception and the one of others
Intuition the participant’s use of intuition, empathy and leadership skills

PARI Profile System™ reveal the individual person from the following perspectives:
Basic personality structure and form of expression
Relationship to surroundings approach and attitude
Action patterns capability of decisive action and action method
Reaction patterns protection and blame
Flexibility flexibility in normal situations and stress situations

The aim of our analysis systems is to have the profiles offer the participants a better understanding and awareness of themselves and their relationship to their surroundings. Thus, the analyses do not judge people – they describe them objectively.

PARI – the individual analysis system