Validity - reliability - acceptability


For each time we have changed or updated PARI Profile SystemsTM(go to development and history), more than one hundred people have gone over the analyses during the test phase. Based on testing of the participants’ identification, the validity has proven to be higher than 92%. In psychological and educational analyses anything of more than 70% is acceptable, meaning that the validity of PARI Profile SystemsTM can be considered to be very high.


By repeating the behaviour analyses many time with different participants, still more than 90% of the profiles proved to have the same reliability. Thus, the PARI Profile SystemsTM can be considered to be analysis system with a very high reliability.


More than ten thousand people have been through PARI Profile SystemsTM since the beginning in 1995, all of whom with high levels of identification in the profile results. Therefore, we dare to say that PARI Profile SystemsTM is an analysis system with a high acceptability.