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PARI Profile System™ - is a fully integrated, new Human Resource tool that identifies the staff resources in modern companies.

PARI products offer businesses a professional, comprehensive and integrated HR tool to describe the staff as whole people with existing skills, resources and opportunities for development.

The goal of PARI is to becoming at the forefront for managers, employees and applicants potential and further development.

PARI Profile creating future HR tools.
Based in more than 30 years experience of HR functions in Scandinavia, we offer a full range of integrated HR products for understanding, clarification, planning and development of employee and manager relationships.

PARI is the most versatile tools in the Human Resource industry today.
PARI has tools, assessments and profiles for all levels of a company. The profiles are based in the modern psychological feature theories, which do not put people in to categories or describe them as types.

PARI makes HR more uniform and effective in everyday life.
To clarify the managers and employee's unique resources enables a company to use the right employee for the right job, thus enhancing both the company's assets and the well-being and motivation of the staff.

PARI makes people individual.
Most analysis for industry is based on the psychological theory / typology where predetemined types of personality traits are defined and applied to a participant. PARI describes the participant's specific personality traits.

PARI is a unique profile of people with over 1.3 million possible combinations.

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