PARI About Us

We believe that harmonious people create more value than confused people. We also believe that people become more harmonious when they know their strengths and limitations, and know how and why they react the way they do in joint-effort situations.

We know that all people are unique and are not “simply” one specific type, and what they have inside of them is the result of many different parameters, that all together make up the unique resources of each individual.

Man behind the working life
We have attached great importance to all of our products. They are integrated so that each employee’s / manager’s personal profile can be utilised in all HR development initiatives. This means that each employee / manager can integrate personal development at work and through this gain a greater understanding of their own and the shared resources. It also means that individual employees / managers used their unique resources to benefit the entire company's profit growth and efficiency.

Analysis ethics
An analysis of something as complicated as a human being can never be more than a guide. Therefore, the products that PARI PROFILE offer are a guideline to confirmation or contradict the participant’s impression of themselves. Naturally, all results are to be treated with utmost respect and confidentiality. Thus, all users of our products must be trained in ethical use of the tools.

PARI Profile System™ is Danish Design PARI Profile System™ was developed in Denmark over a period of 15 years and is based in more than 30 years experience in HR functions in Scandinavia. A team consisting of psychologists, therapists, and business leaders from home and abroad with appropriate specialties have developed the PARI portfolio, so they now appear as one of the most versatile tools in the HR industry..


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