TELIA MOBILE A/S, Scandinavian – Staff manager Allan Groth It is with great pleasure we have been using PARI Profile System for more rounds and in different departments. I have to say it has met our high expectations. We have been using a number of different tools for analysis; however PARI is definitely the best in practical use due to our wish to treat our employees as the individual human beings they are.

WinKas A/S, Denmark – Manager Eskild Christiansen We started using PARI back in 1996 and ever since we have stuck to PARI Resource tools – there is a good reason for that: PARI is the most individual tool in the market and has continuously provided us with “hidden” resources within our employees.

JOB IN EUROPE, Denmark/Germany– Manager Vibeke Bang We have now taken the PARI tool “Recruiting Match Pro” into use recruiting staff for clients. We experience PARI Profile as a highly service minded partner always listening to our special needs. We take great pleasure in the international construction of the system since we recruit across boundaries of countries and languages. As to this our candidates fill in the forms in German language whilst the match of the job is written in Danish to our clients.

Scandi Sleep A/S, Denmark – Manager Dan Meinertz It all began with a course for our administrative department and since then we have had profiles made of every staff member and leading employee. This has greatly improved the leadership’s perception of them selves and the understanding of how others experience them. The continents of our employees have improved and this has led to greater everyday motivation and engagement.

HILDING ANDERS AB, Sweden – Sales manager Poul Erik Rasmussen We have been using PARI Profile System as a tool in various relations:

PARI Profile System™ resellers in UK/Ireland

  • Bizzxsell Ltd • 2 Spring Close, Gislingham, Eye • Suffolk. IP23 8GZ

  • RPF Consulting Limited • 4 Aubin Place, Aubin Lane, St Saviour • Jersey. Channel Islands, JE2 7PP
  • Solution Consulting Ltd • 53 Duddle Drive, Longstanton • Cambridgeshire, CB24 3US
  • CMD Training Institute • Dunally • Sligo. Ireland
  • InCoTra Ltd • 23 Courtfield, Tetbury • Glos GL8 8LF
  • 2Win Consulting Ltd • 19 Willowbrook Technology Park, Llandogo Road, St Mellons • Cardiff. CF3 0EF
  • Copeland Blue Ltd • Oakfield House, Halebourne Lane, Chobham • Surrey. GU24 8SL
  • Collective Consultancy Ltd • 28 Edwards Meadow, College Fields, Marlborough • Wiltshire. SN8 1UD
  • Jane Blewitt • Gillamoor Road, Kirbymoorside • Yorks YO62 6EL
  • Pari Recruitment Profile Ltd • 46 North Cerney, Cirencester • Gloucestershire BL7 7BZ
  • Verncat Project Services Ltd • 14 Melbourne Court, Welwyn Garden City • Herts AL8 6LL

    Random selection of users of PARI Profile System™

    Telia Mobile, 2300 København S - Telia Mobile Netplanning, 2630 Høje Tåstrup - A/S Dansk Shell, 1780 København V - A/S Shell Raffinaderiet, 7000 Fredericia - Ericsson Mobile, 2450 København SV - SAP Denmark A/S, 2605 Brøndby - NHG Booking A/S, 2610 Rødovre - H. Lundbeck, 2500 Copenhagen Valby - Midtbank, 7400 Herning - Børsen Forum, 1140 København K - Scandinavian Computer, 8260 Højbjerg - IN-Consulting, 8660 Skanderborg - Scandi Sleep A/S, 8700 Horsens - Unisans A/S, 8600 Skanderborg - TIC, Vestsjælland, 4200 Slagelse - J.A. Tryk A/S, 8200 Århus N - Nova-Print A/S, 5230 Odense - GGJ, 2100 København Ø - Sparbank, 8660 Skanderborg - Telenord, 2450 København SV - Job in Europe, 7100 Vejle - Nykredit, 8000 Århus - TDC, 8000 Århus - JOB DK, 8220 Århus - H.A.I. A/S, 4220 Korsør - Aarsleff A/S, 8000 Århus - MT Højgaard, 2860 Søborg - Integro, 9800 Hjørring - Jysk Teknologisk Institut, 8000 Århus - Decom Aps, 9900 Frederikshavn - AOF, 9000 Aalborg - HK, 9000 Aalborg - Teknisk Landsforbund, 9000 Aalborg - Jobdk A/S, 8600 Skander - Jungheinrich Danmark A/S. 2630 Taastrup - AluScan A/S, 4220 Korsør - Egaa offset A/S, 8200 Århus N - NMI Nipon, 3400 Hillerød - WinKas A/S, 8240 Risskov

    Hilding Anders AB Koncern, SE 252 025 Helsingborg, Sverige - Bonnie AB, SE 113 90 Stockholm, Sverige - Ekens Fabriker AB, SE 290 10 Tollarp, Sverige Hilding AB, SE 280 23 Hästveda, Sverige - Scanpa Bedding AB, SE 330 17 Rydaholm, Sverige - Tibro-Bädden AB, SE 543 23 Tibro, Sverige - Stena line Scandinavia AB, SE 405 19 Göteborg
    Scapa Finland OY, 158 60 Hollola, Findland - Unituli OY, 642 00 Närpes, Findland

    European Partners GmbH, Toosbüe Straße , Flensburg, Deutschland - Job in Europe GmbH, Heederbrook, 25355 Barmstedt, Deutschland - Andreas Rost Consulting, Markt 8, 01662 Meißen, Deutschland - ImpulsCoaching – Jürgen Harder, Heederbrook 4 F, 25355 Barmstedt, Deutschland
    Velux NB Polska Sp.z.o.o., 62-200 Gniezno, Poland - Stenberg Sp.z.o.o., 60-826 Poznan, Poland - Graffmas Sp.z.o.o., 60-826 Poznan, Poland
    Creative Placement Service, Basundhara, Kathmandu, Nepal - Dynamic Sales & Service Pvt. Ltd, Basundhara, Kathmandu, Nepal