PARI Profile System™

PARI Profile System™

PARI Profile System ™ is developed in Denmark over a period of 15 years and are based in more than 30 years experience in Human Resource functions in Scandinavia, England, Germany and Poland.

The group behind the development consisted of a number of psychologists, sociologists, therapists, philosophers and business leaders from home and abroad with appropriate specialties in the individual elements of profiling.

The group set up a goal, to raise the profile of the individual personalities of employees and managers in relation to the performance of their jobs. And to create the framework for some very simple, highly effective and credible HR tools which could be used in daily life, without the need for lots of psychological insight or long certification courses.

The market for personality analysis for commercial purposes was in 1994 mainly based on the psychological theory; typology, where each participant was described as one type. Analysis based on the typology is based on where the participant best fit into a type of pre-determined character traits. The type characteristic / traits are the basis for the description of the participant.

PARI went a different way, PARI believe that , in the main, most people share some common features within their personality, however this is not the full story. Upbringing, education, experiences and discoveries all play a part in developing an individual’s personality creating a unique combination of features and traits which also need to be taken into account.

PARI Profile System Profiles Participant to produce a description and graphic presentation of 12 work-related personality traits divided into 6 pairs. This makes reading each row or groups of rows easy and provides a total picture of the features and traits of each Participant.

With PARI's technical structure, the company may decide which job each employee / manager is best suited and therefore where the individual will add most value. It can also be used to identify and structure the development of specific features required in certain positions to maximise an individual’s productivity and effectiveness.

PARI Profile System is an integrated system, containing: Personal Profile, Active Behavior Profile and interoperability Role Profile (360 º). The system is underpinned by a number of tools for HR Staff - Recruitment - Appraisals - Coaching and Team Development.

The system is internationally and language is optional. Questionnaire can be completed in one language and transcripts obtained in another. This ensures a uniform international business communication without language barriers across borders.

PARI is confirmed and easy to use. Everything being Internet based.

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