PARI Profile System™

The unique analysis system that helps individuals to better understand themselves and their relationship to others.

PARI Profile System is a fully integrated analysis system that gives the participants an analytical and psychological Personal Profile of own perception and also an Aktive Behaviour profile (others' perception of the participant's personality).

By merging the participant's own perception and the ones of others, a Role Profile will appear. The Role Profile describes differences and similarities between the perception of the participants and the ones of others.

The base is a questionnaire with 80 questions with a description of the participant from twelve different perspectives.

The profiles have more than 1.3 millions possible combination,
means that the participant get a individual description with own personal characteristic.

The system can merge the profiles of other participants and form a basis that can assist staff development for:
  • Personal development
  • Co-operation development
  • Enhanced communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Recruitment/Hiring
  • Awareness of manager role
  • Teambuilding
  • Coaching "self-help"
  • Awareness of individual staff resources
  • The company's resource planning

PARI Profile System is an international, integrated analysis system that allows for questionnaires to be filled out in one language and reports to be printed in another language of choice. Thus, the Human Resource departments of international businesses can advantageously use the unique PARI Profile Systems™.


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