Recruiting Match Pro™

This recruitment system is a highly effectively way of matching an appropriate candidate to the right job.

Recruiting Match Pro uses an Employer’s created job description/requirements and matches it with the candidate’s characteristics and qualifications.

Easy to use
The Employer defines the wishes and requirements in the job profile (both professional and personal qualities), then sends a questionnaire, automatically by e-mail, to every potential candidate, this creates a match profile.

Using the database in Recruiting Match Pro, a Recruiter / Employer can match all candidates to every job profile. The system automatically calculates a match percentage for each candidate.

Everything is done on the Internet, thereby allowing all candidates to fill in a profile before the job interview. The match report is a good basis for the interview.

Recruiting Match Pro™ is:
Objective, easy to use, low cost and highly effective.

International system
Recruiting Match Pro is an integrated international recruiting system. Questionnaires and reports can be printed in Danish, English and German. You can fill in the job profile in English, have the candidate answer a Danish questionnaire and print the report in German.
The flexible language makes profiling across borders and in different languages easier than ever before.


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