Appraisal interview

This profile that reveals the individual employee's resources in Appraisal interview and make basis for the dayli coaching.

When you as manager use Staff Resource Pro, you get the opportunity to view each individual employee's personal resources and strengths, through a combination of the employee's own perception of himself/herself and how you perceive the employee.

How do the employees and the management get a better view of each individual's resources?

Staff Resource Pro™ is a HR-tool for revealing each individual's resources. It is a tool that in text and graphics tells how an employee perceives his/her own strong sides and resources, and how the manager perceives the employee's behaviour/resources and strong sides.

With this as starting point, the profiles can among other things be used to achieve a better understanding of communication and more individual coaching, or it can form a basis for the yearly staff interview.

The decision to use a resource profile is one that should be made jointly by the manager and the employee.


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